Valérie Daval was born in Falaise, Normandy, but during her childhood her family moved to several different places in France. Living in Limousin, south France, and then in Brittany, she retains strong memories of these various places – woods, animals, walks outdoors, seaside – influencing her artwork until today. Valerie started painting when she was a child, and took part in various painting workshops. After moving to Sarthe, she signed in with Guy Brunet’s workshop, and got in Le Mans’ School of Fine Arts in 1986.
After graduating, she began a visual research work, which took her through various stages working on portraits and mythology. Whether real or imaginary, the attraction for portraits was not so much anatomical, but came from a fascination with their plastic dimension and history. “A unique color and gesture spring from each of us.” She draws her inspiration from her memory guided by the feelings she had in front of the landscapes, the people and even the animals she encountered. “My work is also influenced by myths. The stories we find in the origin of each civilization inspire me and are reflected in my own history. As part of our collective memory, myths bring us together.”

Because she likes switching from very small to very big sizes, like some kind of pictorial gymnastics, her repertoire goes from large paintings like the ‘monumentoiles for the street’ - four by three meter paintings for outdoors shown in various French and German cities - to miniatures like the 4 by 8 inches landscape series ‘40 paysages’.
Curious and passionate by nature, she likes to do live show sketches of contemporary dance performance and also works on theater sets, frescos, street art projects and performance shows. The place where she lives usually has a strong influence on her, and her painting has changed since she has lived in Paderborn, Germany, for example, where she was a member of the ‘Raum für Kunst’ artist group. The paintings from that period were inspired by the story of the Little Red Riding Hood …

Since 2007, Valérie lives and works in Los Angeles.